EA - Premium 120watts LM3886 Parallel Amplifier – Eight Audio® EA - Premium 120watts LM3886 Parallel Amplifier – Eight Audio®
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EA - Premium 120watts LM3886 Parallel Amplifier - Eight Audio™

EA - Premium 120watts LM3886 Parallel Amplifier

Brand: Eight Audio
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₹ 1,450.00 INR
Status: Obsolete(No Longer Manufactured)


LM3886 Mono parallel amplifier is another configuration that can be used to obtain higher output power levels by combining two IC outputs and doubling output current drive capability. The parallel topology provides a great way of achieving higher power levels while keeping within IC power dissipation limits by driving low impedance loads, which is the case for many self-powered speaker and powered subwoofer designs.

The main advantage of the parallel configuration is its ability to divide total power dissipation between ICs, since each amplifier is providing half of the load current.

Manufacturer Eight Audio
Power rating in 8ohms 60w, Vcc= +/-35v
Power rating in 4ohms 120w, Vcc= +/-35v
Peak output power capacity 135watts
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) 0.007% @ 100 W (4 Ω, ±35V)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio >92db
Quiescent Current [Max] 106mA
Transformer rating 20-0-20 to 24-0-24 volts AC 150VA per channel
PCB dimensions 100mm X 50mm
Over Current Protection
Thermal Protection
Turn On/Off Depop
On board Faston connectors
Imported high quality Audio grade Epocs, Nichicon, Vishay capacitros and 1% metal film resistors
High quality 1.6mm, Dual layer Glass Epoxy PCB
Hi Fi amplifier
Active amplifiers
Mono amplifiers
Stereo amplifiers

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