EA - 2 X 80W MOSFET Amplifier Using IRFP240 & IRFP9240
EA - 2 X 80W MOSFET Amplifier Using IRFP240 & IRFP9240

EA - 2 X 80W MOSFET Amplifier Using IRFP240 & IRFP9240

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Welcome to use this 2 X 80 Watts Stereo audio amplifier board by Eight Audio. It integrates Vishay IRFP240 & IRFP9240 MOSFETs & is one of the best compact Hi-Fi amplifiers. which has High-performance audio power amplifier capable of delivering 50watts of continuous average power at 8 ohm loads with less than 0.01%  THD from 20Hz–20kHz. Coming to passive components MFR resistors, Audio grade Nichicon capacitors & High-quality Wima Film capacitors are used to gain the perfect timber.

Manufacturer Eight Audio
Class Class AB
Power output @ 8 ohms Per Channel

50W, Vcc= +/-35v

Power output @ 4 ohms Per Channel 80W, Vcc= +/-35v
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) @ 10W 0.005%
THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) @ 40W  0.01%
Input Sensitivity For 50W @ 8 ohms .775V (0 dBu)
Minimum impedance 4 Ohms
Power supply +/- 35 VDC
Heatsink size (L X H X W) 200mm X 48mm X 70mm
PCB size 80mm X 45mm
Amp Board Weight 100  g
Heatsink Weight 740 g
Total Weight 840 g
Stereo Amplifier Design With Heatsink
Imported High-quality Audio grade Nichicon & Vishay Capacitors, NXP SMD Transistors and WALSIN 1% Thick Film Chip Resistors
Genuine IRFP240 & IRFP9240
Fully tested and pre-assembled
High quality, Dual-layered, 1.6mm, Glass Epoxy PCB
Excellent value for money
Component stereo
Multi-channel Amplifiers
Active Speaker systems
high-end Audio and HD TVs