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Eight Audio's product development process that is based on ISO 9001 standards & primary goal is "to exceed the expectations of our customers.” The entire organization, beginning with top management, has worked consistently to meet this goal.

Eight Audio's reputation for quality is based on a commitment to the newest and most effective design, manufacturing and testing procedures.

Eight Audio Manufacturing

R&D + Manufacturing

Whether it’s a custom circuit or a complete system, our engineers have deep expertise across the entire signal chain - electronics, mechanics, acoustics, and software. We have the ability to fully optimize the product for your unique application.


Test & Measurement

Our research & development team utilizes state of the art, industry standard tools, including Keithley THD and Audio Analysis Multimeter, Tektronix & Hantek Digital Oscilloscopes, Dayton Audio OmniMic V2 and DATS V2 Etc. We maintain extensive testing laboratory at our facility

Eight Audio Precision quality systems

Quality Control

Our passion for audio performance is combined completely with a commitment to total product quality. Our experience satisfying the needs of end users enriches our ability to service OEM/ODM partners.




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