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Customized Home Theatre Systems & Interiors

Home theatre interiors by eight audio

We specialize in customized Home Theater solutions to fit every room and budget. We offer 
* Home theatre Speakers
* Home theatre Projectors
* AV Receivers
* Premium Interiors

Acoustics Solutions

Acoustic solutions by eight audio


We specialize in Acoustics solutions For..
* Home theatres
* Offices
* Conference Rooms
* Auditoriums
* Studios

Customized Audio Amplifiers

Eight Audio Amplifiers

We can make audio amplifiers as per customers requirements like
* Stereo Amplifiers
* Mono Block Amplifiers
* Multichannel Amplifiers
* Subwoofer Amplifiers & More...

Customized Speakers

Eight Audio Speakers

We can custom build speakers depending on your choice

  • 2way, 3way, & 4way
  • Active Or Passive systems
  • Bookshelf Or Floor Standing
  • Branded Drivers
  • Enclosure Colors (selectable)
  • Design & More...

 SoundProof OR Sound Isolation

soundproof or isolation at eight audio



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