EA 15A 63V 20,000uF Snubberized Dual Power Supply - EAPPS10

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Welcome to use this Snubberized dual polarity power supply. It is designed for high quality audio applications. It has 2 large 10000uF/63V capacitors With 0.1uF Film capacitors for a clean and stable output, Safety Resistors to Discharge the Large Capacitors when the Amplifieris switched off and RC networks are used to reduce the parasitic inductance of large electrolytes, this improves the performance of the power supply at high frequencies and the performance of the amplifier in complex loads.. This PSU board converts AC input voltage into separate positive DC and negative DC voltage outputs, perfect for supplying power to amplifier boards requiring large symmetrical power supplies.

Manufacturer Eight Audio
Type AC to DC converter
Maximum AC input Voltage 40 - 0 - 40
Rectifiers MUR1560
Max Output current 15 A
Operating Temperature 0 to 80℃ Max
Dimensions mm L X mm B X 55mm H
Converts up to 35 VAC to symmetrical positive and negative DC voltage
Robust terminals & PCB RECTIFIERS
Onboard fuse protection and LED indication
Dual Layer PCB for maximum current
Suited for all power amplifiers