EA - 2way 12dB Octave Active Crossover – Eight Audio®
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EA - 2way 12dB Octave Active Crossover - Eight Audio™

EA - 2way 12dB Octave Active Crossover

Brand: Eight Audio
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₹ 700.00 INR

The circuit is a completely conventional filter It is designed primarily for 2-way electronically crossed over systems, such as adding a subwoofer or biamping an existing loudspeaker system.
Power supply: +/- 15 VDC
Crossover Frequency: 2500hz (Selectable)
Crossover slope: 12 dB/Octave
Pot to adjust the level for different loudspeaker sensitivities from +6dB to -8dB (approximately)
Low noise Op-Amps (selectable)
Linkwitz Riley crossover
Imported high quality Epocs, Vishay, Nichicon capacitros and 1% metal film resistors
Built-in terminals for input/output/powersupply
High grade glass epoxy 1.6mm PCB
Stereo input/ LF out Left/right & HF out Left/right
2 way active amplifiers
Bi-amping an existing loudspeaker system
2way 12dB Octave Active Crossover

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