EA 4 Way Stereo Audio Source Selector – Eight Audio® EA 4 Way Stereo Audio Source Selector – Eight Audio®
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EA 4 Way Stereo Audio Source Selector

EA 4 Way Stereo Audio Source Selector

Brand: Eight Audio
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₹ 620.00 INR

Welcome to use fully assembled & tested kit of a 4 in & 1 out audio source selector. The circuit allows four stereo channels to be switched by a rotary switch. High quality imported HONGFA relays are used for switching. Separate Gound for signal ground and power supply ground. When a certain channel is selected, the corresponding LED will be light up on both Boards.
Type Audio Source Selector
Inputs 4 Stereo
Output 1 Stereo
Operating Voltage 6V To 15V AC
Selector PCB dimensions 110 X 50mm
Switch PCB dimensions 60 X 43mm
Mounting Hole CTC distance 101 X 41mm
Mounting Hole Diameter 3mm
A very Compact and High-quality Signal Switching Board
Can be switched with microcontrollers since transistors are used for switching relays.
High-quality imported HONGFA relays
Onboard High-Quality Screw Terminals
Supports 4 Stereo source channels
Built-in regulated the power supply
High-quality components are used
Power & Source LED Indicators
Separate PCB for switch including LEDs
High-quality FR4 Dual layer PCB
Kit Includes:
Fully Assembled  & Tested 4 Channel Source Selector Board x 1
Rotary Switch PCB with LEDs
M/F connector (For Connecting to Switch PCB)
6mm Spacers

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