MX- 3.5mm To RCA Gold Plated 1.5 Meter – Eight Audio®
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MX- 3.5mm To RCA Gold Plated 1.5 Meter - Eight Audio™

MX- 3.5mm To RCA Gold Plated 1.5 Meter

Brand: MX
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MX 3.5mm TO RCA PLUG CORD (TIP GOLD PLATED) - 1.5MTR is specially made for professional RF, audio video, super VHS chrominance and luminance separated transmission. This component video cable transmits video with clarity within 100MHz frequency bandwidth. It applies to interconnect with DVD, HDTV and projector, Plasma etc.
Connector's tip is 24K gold plated
MX RCA cable can be used to connect a variety of audio and video devices such as televisions, satellite or cable receivers, VCRs and game console systems
MX RCA audio cables have two connectors: red for right stereo and white for left stereo
High purity solid plated copper is used
High density PE insulation
Oxygen free copper (OFC) braided
It has new shield for reject interferences
No RFI/EMI interference
Easy to install & Durable
24k gold plated MX connector Provide resistance to corrosion

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