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MX - RCA Connector - Pair - Eight Audio™

MX - RCA Connector - Pair

Brand: MX
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MX RCA socket connectors are suitable for audio-frequency (AF) applications. MX RCA socket connectors are also used in radio-frequency (RF) systems at low and medium frequencies. MX RCA connector is a plug and a jack designed for use with coaxial cable for frequencies ranging from the very lowest up to several megahertz.
RCA type compression connectors are quicker to install.
RCA socket is Easy to install & Durable
RCA socket Such as RCA audio cables have two connectors: red for right stereo and white for left stereo
RCA socket can be used for heavy duty application
RCA connectors can be used to connect a variety of audio and video devices such as televisions, satellite or cable receivers, VCRs and game console systems.
RCA socket has Stylish look

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